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Toy Camera Tips

Tips and Tricks

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 30-08-2011

Many of these cameras don't have a lot of settings options.
You usually have a fixed shutter of about 1/100 sec and a B mode and two aperture settings, cloud or sun (f:8 or f:11)
And thats about it.

Toy Camera Tips

They usally can´t use filter but you can often quite easy mod your camera so thay can.
I have a youtube clip that show you how you can use 52mm filter on a Holga lens (works with 135 and the normal 120) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dk7NMrs7lFw

The reason I think it so important to be able to use filters is because you can controle how the image will be with one.
Main problem with a toy camera is the lack of settings and you need to use a film speed that suite the light conditions.

ISO 100 is good on a sunny day at f11 but if its overcast you better to use a ISO 400 film.
So I always use a ISO 400 film and then put on a filters to controll how much light get in.

For example a ND filter that is a neutral gray filter works great on color and b&w film.
I only use black and white film so I like to use red, orange or a yellow filter thats creats more contrasty pictures and a darker sky.

A ND 0,9 filter takes away 3 f-stops so thats perfekt to use that with f:8 and ISO 400 film in sunlight.
Red filter takes away 2 f-stops so it also works great under the same conditions.
You also have the dark red filter thats takes away 3 f-stops.

Toy Camera Tips
This picture it taken with a Holga 120CFN and a redfilter on.

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