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Tips when you adjust your Rangefinder

Tips and Tricks
Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2013-12-05

Tips when
                        you adjust your Rangefinder

Here are some general tips that might make it a little easier when you adjust the rangefinder on your camera.

Horizontal adjustment
The horizontal adjustment is usually the most important one for a functional rangefinder.
It's easiest to adjust this after infinity and the rest of the rangefinder should be accurate if infinity is set right.

So you need a view where you have something far away to set the focus after.
It's easier if this thing stick out from the background and I usually use faraway power lines or a big tele antenna with the sky behind.

Set your camera's focus on infinity and you can start to adjust until the rangefinders double image align with that you're focusing on at the distance.
This can sometimes be a little tricky and you might need to go back and forth before you get it just right.
But on some cameras you can adjust while your looking thru the viewfinder which makes this quite simple.

Tips when you
                  adjust your Rangefinder

Vertical adjustment
This is often not as important that this is spot on but can ofcourse make things easier if it is.
I usually use my alarm clock for this and set the focus at the numbers.
This is because it has lit numbers against a black background.
And it's easier if you have something bright against something dark or vice versa.

After this you just need to adjust this until you are happy with the vertical alignment and your all done.

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