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Make your own scanner film holder

Tips and Tricks
Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2012-05-16

                          your own film holder

I scan a lot of negatives and always have problem with some film that's not very flat and lose a lot of quality in the scan.
I own a Epson V700 and is amazed that a scanner of that caliber comes with a lousy films holders.
So I made my own so I don't have to get frustrated over bulky film.

Make your own film holder

Took two car window ice scrapers but this can be anything that is thick plastic.
Cut out a hole that is a little bigger than the film size (6x9 cm film in my case)

Make your own film holder
Download full size image. Here

Measure so you get the same distance from the glass on the scanner to the film.
I only needed a little bit extra in my case so I glued on paper bit to get the right distance.

Make your own film holder
Download full size image. Here

Then this needs something that holds everything together.
For that I used paper clips at the sides.
Carve out a spring for the paper clips so this don't hit the glass when you put this in your scanner.

Make your own film holder

Make your own film holder

And then it's just to place it in the scanner and scan your nice and flat negatives.

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