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How to shot analogue IR

Tips and Tricks
Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 30-08-2011

How to shot analog IR

1: First you need a camera with manual settings.

2: IR sensetive film is a must (I use Efke IR820)

3: IR filter is a must.
Efke IR820 film is also visible to normal light, so if you use a red filter your pictures will come out has a normal black and white picture.

4: Tripod more or less a must.
Efke IR820 is a ISO 100 film but thats in normal light, in IR light its about ISO 2.

5: Exposure time.
Do to the low ISO in IR you need about 1 sec exposure at f11 on a sunny day.
And if you shot something in the shade you need about 2-4 sec.
This can be very hard to predict. Its better to overexosure IR so if your not sure add one or two sec.

6: Focusing.
IR light don´t focus at the same place has normal light. That means that the picture thats looks in focus is a little out of focus in IR.
You will only se this problem with a smal apature like f2,8 and below. Some old lenses have a marking for IR (usual a red dot).
Set focus where you subject is in focus and then set the focus back a lite.

How to shot analog IR

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