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How to get the paint effect

Tips and Tricks
Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2011-10-06

This is a Darkroom print

This shot is taken with my 9x12 Zeiss Donata camera and I use paper negative.
So this is not a digital effect that´s auto generated by photo shop.

When I took the picture I overexposed this allot, about 2-4 f-stops.
And the good thing about using paper negative is that you can develop it under safe light so you see when its getting developed.
The trick is not to develop the print for the full time because this will make it almost all black and that won´t work.
Instead I look at the print and when I see that´s its getting to overexposed I pull it out of the developer and in to the stop quickly.
This takes normally about 20-25 sec.

For this example I was a little slow and the print got a little to dark, but it still works.
One way to get a longer developing time and more time to react is to dilute the developer with water.
You can also use normal b&w film developer which are slower.
But the paint effect will however be less with a longer developing time.

To the left is the original mirrored and inverted print and to the right is how it looks if you just
invert the colors right.
                  effect paint effect

Adjust the levels

And wallah, a analogue easy bake paint effect :)
paint effect

Downside is that you lose a lot of contrast by doing this.
Which is something that can be corrected afterwards in the computer or in darkroom coping with contrast variable filters and paper.

That was all for this, but I also have some related posts about paper negative use:

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How to get the paint effect

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