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Canon QL system (Quick load)

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Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2013-01-27

Canon QL system (Quick load)
(Click on image for HiRes)

Recently bought a really nice Canon range finder camera named Canon Canonet QL17.
But got myself a little surprise when I was going to load some film in it.
And this didn't look like it usually do but I understood that this was some sort of auto load or quick load system.

Canon QL system (Quick load)
(Click on image for HiRes)

Loaded some film and went out to take some pictures.
After a couple of pictures I noticed that the film advance lever had more resistance and then you can hear the film sprockets skidding.
The QL system haven't grabbed the film as i should and the film don't advance any more.

Looked on the internet to read about this system if I maby did something wrong etc.
But no you should just place the films beginning at the little red mark, close and advance the film.

Canon QL system (Quick load)
(Click on image for HiRes)

So I took my little test roll and did just this several times.
Sometimes the system worked
as i should but now and then the problem I found on my first roll occurred.

Now I buy my film at 30m (100ft) roll and cut it myself and I thought the system is picky how the film is cut.
And have now also tested with a kodak factory cut film roll which worked every time.
So this seems to confirm this but I have only been able to test one type of film.

But my experience of this system is not that great and the main problem is that you don't get any indication if it worked or not.
You only notice this after a couple of shots and the pictures I have got when this have happened have been very scratched.
So the roll is scrap and better luck next time more or less.
And this needs to work every time or at least show that it didn't work before you start taking your pictures.

Have done a little youtube clip showing the problem and my little bulky way to fix this.

Canon QL system (Quick

Cameras that have this system usually have QL in the name.
Like mine Canon Canonet QL17 for example.
Have only seen this system on cameras from the 60s and 70s but have not found any info when Canon scrapped this.

As a little endnote I can add that I have read that people have used these for years whitout any problem.
But just as many that have hade problems.
My camera have worked every time when I have used factory cut film so it seems to be picky how the film is cut.
So I will only use cameras that have this system with pre cut film or my little bulky fix you can find on my youtube clip above.

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