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Zenit 11

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2014-06-16

Zenit 11

Made between 1981 to 1990 by KMZ/BeLomo in Ukraine which was part of USSR.

Technical info

Lens mount: M42
Shutter: 1/500s to 1/30s + B
Light meter: Uncoupled external selenium meter mounted above the lens mount (ISO 16 - 500)
Battery: None
Flash: Hot shoe + PC sync connection (sync 1/30 sec)
Weight: 675g


Takes standard 135 film
24×36 mm negative size.

Zenit 11


Not the biggest or brightest but still works good and the focus aid is easy to read out.


Focus aid:

Shutter type:

Focal plane
Horizontal traveling cloth curtain.

All mechanical.

Build quality:

It's a tank and are very well put together.

Look, feel and sound:
Love the look and the overall feel is good but a little clunky which I find suitable to this.
Shutter and mirror sounds are not to bad.


The external uncoupled light meter makes things a bit trickier compared to more modern SLR's.
It's mostly just suited in daylight and a normal lit room is usually to dark for a reading.
But on the other hand you usually need a flash indoors.

Also the lack of longer shutter speed makes this cameras use a bit limiting.
For those that more or less only use it handheld still have what cover most use.
Is also have the B setting so long exposures are also possible

Another thing is the use of the self-timer which work similar to most.
But this camera can only stop down a lens if you half-press the shutter button.
So the only way to stop down the lens when you use the self-timer is if the lens have a manual aperture option.


Not exactly a camera for everyone but a lovely one for those that like this older type of SLR.
Can also be a great camera for those that wants to learn camera basics.
One can learn a lot when everything is uncoupled and you are more or less forced to do everything step by step.

Thumbs up:
Great build quality
All mechanical
No battery required at all

Thumbs down:

Lack of long shutter speeds
Slow flash sync (1/30s)
Camera can't stop down a auto aperture only lens with the self-timer

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