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Yashica MF-2

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2012-06-29

Yashica MF-2


Lens: Yashica 38mm f/4
Focus: Fixed
Aperture: f/4 to ?
Shutter: One speed around 1/100s
Light meter: It have a little CdS mounted just over the lens but this only warn if the light conditions are to low and you should use the flash
Flash: Built in only
Weight: 318g without batteries

Takes 135 film
24×36 mm negative size.


Good size and brightness

Image quality
This camera have very few settings to controlle the exposuer.
You only have one shutter speed and you can choose between ISO 100, ISO 400 plus flash and this change the aperture only.
ISO 100 with flash is wide open.
Pop down the flash and you have the middle aperture setting and set it at ISO 400 to get the smallest.

Analogue B&W film
Focus is not set on infinite and it's only sharp there at the smallest aperture setting (ISO 400)
But the lens is farly good in tumes of how it renders and sharpness etc.

Yashica MF-2
Download full size image. Here (up to 5mb)
Wide Open - ISO 100 - ISO 400

Can't get it to flare.

Yashica MF-2
Yashica MF-2

Yashica MF-2
Yashica MF-2
Yashica MF-2

Build quality

Plastic but fairly solid at most parts.

Yashica MF-2


A very simple point and click camera.
And i'm not a big fan of this and I like to have some more control options in my cameras.
But there are those that do like this and that usually use this for street photography.
And I can see why they like it because it's very lightweight, very simple to use and don't disappoint in terms of image quality.
But the very few settings also greatly limits what one can use this camera for.

Thumbs up:
Very lighweight
Image quality
Quiet shutter sound

Thumbs down:
Very few settings
Limited use
Fixed focus

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