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Yashica Auto Focus

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2012-12-18

Yashica Auto Focus


Lens: Yashica Lens 38mm f/2.8
4-element, three-lens group composition. 
Aperture: f/2.8 to f/16
Shutter: ?? only auto exposur and have not found any info of shutter speeds
The Yashica Auto Focus Motor ver have a shutter up to 1/500 and I would guess this also have that.
Light meter: CdS mounted just over the lens
ISO 25 - 500
Flash: Built in only
Weight: 443 g (without battery)

Takes 135 film
24×36 negative size.


Okey size and brightness

Square in the middle showes what AF locks on.
Red led light blinks if light is to low.

Image quality

Nice little lens that are sharp but with some corner softness.

Analogue B&W film
Yashica Auto Focus Yashica Auto Focus Yashica Auto Focus
Yashica Auto Focus Yashica Auto Focus Yashica Auto Focus

Diden't get any good bokeh shoots so I took two that missed the focus and showes the bokeh.
Yashica Auto
Yashica Auto

Yashica Auto Focus
Yashica Auto Focus
Yashica Auto Focus

(AGFA x-ray film on these pictures)
Yashica Auto Focus
Yashica Auto Focus

Build quality

Quite plasticy and not as solid as the older cameras I ussualy test.
Okey built and more like a farly cheap modern camera.
Operating + Sounds
Yashica Auto Focus


In terms of image quality I would say that it's a nice little camera.
Nice and sharp but with corner softness.

Don't like the all auto exposure and you can't control anything.
One way is to change the ISO to get a + or - in exposure.
Also you get a little blinking red light in the viewfinder when the light is too low.
This works good but camera can't even take a picture even if you want to in this case.

Auto focus system works fairly good and it got the focus right in most cases but also very wrong in others.
You don't get any indication if it finds focus or not.
Can only press and hope that it got it right.
There is a little focus scale on the side of the lens and I started to look at this after every shoot to if the focus got it somewhat right or if I want to take a new picture and hope that the AF system works for the next one.

Also have a little focus lock button which is nice but you can only lock the focus one's for every shot.
If you miss the moment and don't want to take the shoot you can't change the focus.

Its a point and click camera which in most cases delivers great images.
But everthing is all auto and this don't work every time.

Thumbs up:
Image quality
Flare / Bokeh
Quick and simpel to use

Thumbs down:
Corner softness
Focus can only lock one for every shot
No indecation if camera finds focus befor you take the shoot
Everything is so auto, maby that why the camera is called auto focus :)

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