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RevueFlex SD1

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2013-02-19

RevueFlex SD1

Technical info

Lens mount: M42
Shutter speeds: 1/1000s to 1 + B (Bulb)
Light meter: Through the lens, center weighted (ISO 25 - 1600)
Battery: two 1.5v SR44 or one 3v equivalent (Only for the light meter)
Flash: hot shoe (sync 1/60 sec)
Weight: 450g

Takes standard 135 film
24×36 mm negative size.

Operating + Sounds
RevueFlex SD1


Good size and brightness.

Focus screen:
Split image and microprism.


Three led light on the side of the viewfinder for the lightmeter.

Shutter type:

Focal plane
Vertical metal blade.

All mechanical.

Build quality:

The outer shell it plastic which ruins some of the feel but the housing is metal so it's still nice and solid.
The feel of using the camera are quite nice.


A camera that don't looks like much but is still a very useful camera.
And quite modern one for a M42 SLR.
Viewfinder have Split image and microprism.
Lightmeter are responsive and takes standard cell batteries.

Nice plus that it's very lightweight.

The exterior is plastic which ruins some of the feel but the camera housing is still metal and solid.

It don't have self-timer or mirror lock.
The mirror and shutter makes still quiet little vibrations.

Thumbs up:
Build quality and
All mechanical and battary is is only for the light meter.

Thumbs down:

No Self-timer
No mirror lock

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