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Nikon Nikkormat FT

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2012-09-05

                    Nikkormat FT

Manufactured: 1965 - 1967

Technical info

Lens mount: Nikon F-mount
Shutter: 1/1000s to 1s plus a Bulb setting
Light meter: Through the lens
Flash: X & M sync connection
Weight: 750g

Takes standard 135 film
24×36 mm negative size.

Operating + Sounds
Nikon Nikkormat FT


Good size and brightness.

Shutter speed
Match needle for the light meter

Build quality:

Like a tank!
Very robust.


Just amazing how well built these cameras are!
These are extremely reliable and most of them work as a clock even today 45+ years later.
Most slr cameras from that time used a side going curtain shutter.
Now when these are old they have a habit of lose their accuracy and can make uneven exposures.
This have a up going metal shutter that in most cases still work accurate at all speeds.

Not a big fan of the shutter knob which is placed by the lens mount.
This works great for most cases but can also be in the way for the lens mount release button or the mirror lock.

But thats about it and in short I would say this is a great camera and one of the best SLRs from the 60s.

Nikon Nikkormat FT

Thumbs up:

All mechanical shutter
Very reliable
Built like a tank
Mirror lock

Thumbs down:

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