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Nikon F-301

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2012-05-06



Shutter speeds from 2000/1 sec to 1 sec + B
A setting which automatically select the shutter speed but you chose the aperture
P setting which automatically select the shutter and aperture (if lens support it)
P Hi setting is the same as P but priorities a fast shutter speed.
Shutter lock button in A or P mode
Auto film loading and advancing


The viewfinder is big and bright and its easy to focus.
Shutter speed information is also very easy to see thru the viewfinder.

Build quality:

Very good and the camera feel very robust.


It uses Ai and Ai-S lenses.That´s all Nikon lenses that can manually adjust the aperture except non-Ai lenses (1976 and back)


I'm personally not a big fan of anto film advancing that need a motor to work and are noisy.
The less batteries the better for me :)
If I ignore that part I must say that this is a great camera at the most part.

Don't like that the tripod screw mount is to the very edge.
This makes the camera very side heavy on a tripod.

Thumbs up:
Build quality

Thumbs down:
Noisy film advancing
Tripod mount to the very edge
Can't use a standard remote cord

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