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Minolta SRT101

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2012-07-18

Minolta SRT100

Introduced in: 1966

Technical info

-All mechanical shutter:
1/1000s to 1s and Bulb

sync connection (1/60 sec)


-Mirror lock

-Through the lens exposure metering system


Great viewfinder, it's big and bright.
In the viewfinder you see witch shutter speed is selected and match-needle-meter instrument for the light meter.

Build quality:

Very good and have a nice solid feel.

Minolta SRT100


Minolta SR mount (MC/MD)


Good camera that have a nice and solid feel to it.
Very reliable and built like a tank.
Mirror lock is aways a plus

Light meter is made for a mercury battery and doesn't seems to work well with today's replacement that don't give out the exact voltage

It have a on, off switch for the light meter under the camera.
And it don't have a sleep mode so the light meter is always on until manually turned off.

Thumbs up:
All mechanical shutter
Build quality and feel
Mirror lock

Thumbs down:
Light meter doesn't well work with today's batteries

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