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Mamiya MSX 1000

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2013-01-22

Mamiya MSX 1000

Introduced in: 1974

Technical info

Lens mount: M42 mount
Shutter: 1/1000s to 1s plus a Bulb setting
Light meter: Through the lens (ISO 25 - 3200)
Battery: SR44
Flash: X & FP sync connection (sync 1/60 sec)
Weight: 725g

Takes standard 135 film
24×36 mm negative size.

Operating + Sounds
Mamiya MSX 1000


Farly good brightness and size.

Exposure meter (match needle)

Shutter type:

Focal plane
Horizontal traveling cloth curtain.

Build quality:

Very solid and well built.
It also have a nice feel to it.


Love this camera in terms of build quality and feel.
It's really nice and fun to use.

One of the few M42 SLRs that have
wide open light metering.
This was Mamiyas own little system so this only work on there own lenses that supported this.
A lens that don't supprot this need to have M or a preset aperture in order to get a stoped down light metering.
So this camera workes best with there own lenses.

Have also tested the Mamiya 1000 DTL before this and these two cameras are very similar.
In the 1000 DTL viewfinder you have a section where you see if you have spot or average light metering selected.
This part is also darker and I feel that this worked.
The MSX 1000 camera have the same little section which is also darker but this have no use at all and is more in the way.

Would like to have seen a mirror lock or if the mirror goes up first when you use the self timer.

Thumbs up:
Build quality and feel


Thumbs down:

No mirror lock
Quite heavy
Can't get stoped down metering on all lenses.

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