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Konica EU-mini AF

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2012-06-22

Konica EU-mini AF

Unfortunately it have not been very easy to find any information about this camera.
All I managed to found is for the Konica EU-mini non AF version that have a fixed focus lens.
But I expect that these two cameras have the same specs except for the AF.


Konica 28mm f/6.7 (3 groups,3 elements)
Aperture: Think this have a fixed aperture of f/6.7
Shutter: 1/180s and 1/60s
Light meter:
Automatic exposure with three steps
Film advance: Motordrive and rewind.
Flash: Built in flash
Weight: 161g with battery

Takes DX coded 135 film

24×36 mm negative size.


Good size and bright.

Image quality

Analogue B&W film
Okay sharpness in the very middle but get very fast soft towards the corners.

Konica EU-mini AF
Download full size image. Here (up to 5mb)

Handles flares good.
                                                      EU-mini AF
                                                      EU-mini AF

Konica EU-mini AF
Konica EU-mini AF
Konica EU-mini AF
Konica EU-mini AF
Konica EU-mini AF
Konica EU-mini AF

Build quality

Next to everything is made of plastic and the hole camera have a very plasticky feel.


Very small and lightweight camera that is still a full frame.
And 28mm lens is a nice plus but this don't impress in terms of image quality.
Got okay center sharpness in the very middle but gets very soft fast towards the corners.
This should have three exosure settings and my guess is this have a fixed aperture and the three settings are: shutter speeds
1/180s, 1/60s and the last setting is 1/60s with flash.
I used this with ISO400 film and all my shoots taken in bright sun was overexposed so ISO100 would have worked better for this.

Thumbs up:

Very light weight
Small size

Thumbs down:

Corner sharpness
Exposure is 100% automatic
Only three step exosure with the fastest shutter speed of

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