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Kodak Retina IIc

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2012-06-16

Kodak Retina IIc

Manufactured: 1954-1957
Approximately 136,000 were made


Rodenstock Retina-Heligon C 50mm f/2.8
Aperture: f/2.8 - 22
5 bladed aperure
Shutter: Compur Synchro
1/500s to 1s plus a Bulb setting

Light meter: None
Flash: sync connection
Weight: 609g

Takes standard 135 film

24×36 mm negative size.


Not very clear, bright or big.
Built in range finder that I have found very accurate and I have never got the focus wrong despite the not so good viewfinder.

Image quality

Analogue B&W film
This is a crazy sharp lens!
Shoot wide open and it still is really great.
Most lenses are good but this lens plays in the same league as Leica etc.

Kodak Retina IIc
Download full size image. Here (up to 5mb)

100% crop at 7200 dpi no digital sharpness etc.
Kodak Retina IIc
Download full size image. Here (up to 5mb)

Kodak Retina IIc
Download full size image. Here (up to 5mb)


Kodak Retina
Kodak Retina

Can get quite odd looking flare.

Kodak Retina
Kodak Retina

Build quality

Built like a tank and have very good build quality.


One of the best lenses I have ever seen on a 135-film camera.
And this camera hade a price tag not far from a Leica when this was new.

The front elements of the 50mm lens are held into the shutter with a three-prong nayonet mount and you can change this front element with a
35mm f/5.6 or a 80mm f/4.
These are unfortunately quite rare and there are two lens manufacturer and there are not compatible with each other (Schneider Kreuznach and Rodenstock)

Ergonomics is a bit odd and you find the film advance lever underneath the camera but this is something you get used to.
The viewfinder is not very good in terms of size and clearness but I have never missed focus so it does it job.

Thumbs up:

Really good image quality
Build quality

Thumbs down:


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Kodak Retina IIc

Technical Info
Scanner: Plustek OpticFilm 7600i
Film: Rollei Retro 400s
Developer: Kodak D76

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