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Holga 120 CFN


Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 09-09-2011

When it comes to toy cameras this is one of the most famous.
So what do this offer?

REVIEW Holga 120 CFN


Not much, you have a fixed shutter of about 1/125 sec or a B-mode.
Aperture you have cloud or sun (f:8 or f:11)
Takes medium format film (120)
Flash with three built in flash colours, red, yellow, blue and white.
You can also use this with a tripod.


A plastic 60mm f:8
This is quite wide angle on a 6x6cm negative.

Images quality:

So how do this lens perform?
Well any camera with a plastic lens will not produce super clean and sharp images, this is not what this is made for.
Its all about the image feeling and boy this camera delivers on that.
You get a dreamy unreal feeling that´s hard to explain with words and must be seen.

REVIEW Holga 120 CFN


This camera is quite moddable and there are some things I would recommend anyone that buys this camera to do.

This can't use filters for example which is something that can be very handy.
There are some easy ways to solve this problem and I have done a little youtube clip showing how you can use it with a 52mm filter.
This clip is with a Holga 135 but these have the same lens edge diameter so you could do the exact same thing with your Holga 120.
REVIEW Holga 120 CFN

Next is the film frame adapters and the camera comes with a 6x6 or 6x4.5.
I personally don't use any of these and by removing this you will get a little bigger negative on your film and also more vignetting.
But one problem by doing this is that you will get two sharp edges that the film will scrape against.
If you want to avoid scratches you can use tape or something that will make the surface less likely to damage the film.
In my camera I have used a old metal roller that I took from a old vintage camera.
Couldn't fit rollers on both sides so I use tape on the other side.

REVIEW Holga 120 CFN

I have also changed the exterior of mine quite allot :)

REVIEW Holga 120 CFN

So what the verdict?

Me personally love this and the only competitor might be the Diana.
But when it comes to dreamy pictures I like the results from the Holga more.

Its like Christmas every time you develop a new roll, never know exactly what you get.

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