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REVIEW: Voigtländer Vito CL

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2012-07-09

Voigtländer Vito CL

Manufactured: 1961-67


Lens: Voigtländer Lanthar 50mm f/2.8
Focus: Infinit to 1.0m (3.3ft)
Aperture: f/2.8 to 22
Shutter: 1/500s to 1/15s plus Bulb setting
Light meter: Coupled Selenium cell lightmeter, needle visible on top
Flash: Sync connection
Weight: 679g

Takes 135 film
24×36 mm negative size.


Good size and brightness

Image quality

Great lens at all apertures!
Sharp wide open and not that much corner softness.

Analogue B&W film

Voigtländer Vito
Download full size image. Here (up to 5mb)
f/2.8 - f/4 - f/5.6 - f/8 - f/11 - f/16 - f/22


                                                      Vito CL
                                                      Vito CL

Build quality

All metel and solid as a tank.
Operating + Sounds
Voigtländer Vito CL


Great camera!
Built lika a tank and good image quality.
But it's quite heavy and I would like to have seen a built in range finder.

Thumbs up:
Build quality
Image quality
Good viewfinder

Thumbs down:
No range finder
Quite heavy for it's size

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