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Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 07-10-2011


This is basically the pro version of my favourite Nikon camera FG20.

So what do you get for the extra money?
1: First of all you have shutter speeds from 8sec to 1/4000sec and that’s what I think is the biggest plus.
2: Exposure compensation between -2 f-stops to +2 f-stops, this is something I never use.
3: Something that´s very useful is the self timer / shutter memory lock lever.
4: Depth of field preview lever.
5: And of course flash sync contact that is very good to have if you shot with a studio flash etc.


The viewfinder is big and bright and its easy to focus etc.
Plus over the FG20 is that you see which aperture and shutter speed is selected in the viewfinder.

Build quality:

This is built like a rock and the hole feel of the camera is very robust.


It uses Ai lenses.That´s all Nikon lenses that can manually adjust the aperture except non-Ai lenses (1976 and back)


So is this worth the extra money compared to cheaper FG20?
I most say yes, if your a Nikon fan and want a light weight camera.

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